The Magic Salt Sock: Natural Relief for Ear Infections

How To Instantly Stop A Migraine With Salt

  At least once a week I find myself recommending salt socks to patients (either for themselves or for their children.) AND everyone comes back to say, “DOC, I can’t believe how well that worked!” SO, since… ’tis the season of colds, flus and ear aches so I thought it was about time to put […]

Garlic Oil – Amazing Cure For Ear Aches And Infections

How Garlic Destroys Cancer Cells

  Did you know that a good percentage of ear infections are caused by viruses? And the infection caused by a virus will not react to antibiotics. In fact, the body will usually heal itself and the infection will quit. One of the most effective natural remedies for ear aches and ear infections is garlic oil. […]