Why Emotional Eating Is Often A Cry For Pleasure

Cupcakes - woman caught eating cupcake snack

  Planning for fun is so simple, but many of us forget to do it. You can’t plan joy, love, or connection. It happens when you allow space for it to enter, in those unplanned nights or spontaneous adventures. If you want to understand why that diet or “healthy eating plan” always fails the next […]

This Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Has a Special Ingredient to Reduce Stress (And Help You Sleep)

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  I love having a green smoothie for breakfast.  There are so many amazing ingredients that you can combine to kick-start your day and give your body a super boost of energy. This is definitely one of my favorite green smoothie recipes.  In addition to being out of this world delicious, it also contains pineapple, avocado, […]